Sunday, August 14, 2011

FengShui Car Number

FengShui Car Number is a generator to calculate feng shui kua number based on your date of birth. It comes in handy when selecting car number.

FengShui Car Number Feature:

- Generate feng shui kua number based on your date of birth
- Simulate all of the combination number associate with your kua number


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Call Notifier available on Android

Call Notifier

My new Application for android platform is released and can be downloaded in slideme. The download link is as below:

1. slideme

This application allows you to be notified repeatedly if there is any Missed Call or SMS. You will be able to choose the frequency of the notification duration and whether to turn on or off the Missed Call or SMS notification. There are two variation types of notification which are Tone and Vibrate or Vibrate Only. With this application, you will no longer miss out any important missed call or SMS sitting in your phone as you will be notified repeatedly until you clear the alert.

The main features are:
* Setting of duration between each repeated notification
* Turn on/off Missed Call or SMS notification
* Tone and Vibrate or Vibrate Only
* Notify user repeatedly so that user will not miss any important missed call or sms residing in the phone.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

JoggerTracker now available on iPhone

Jogger Tracker

JoggerTracker takes your iPhone 3G/3GS capabilities to track your running performance. With easy-to-use interface and map functionality, jogger can easily keep track on the route path and the distance that he/she covered.

JoggerTracker features:

- GPS tracking on your location

- Continuously update distance covered

- Calories burnt

- Choice of multiple metric - KM, M, MILES

- Two marker to indicate start location and moving location.

- Continuously update on the marker for the current moving location.